Structural Analysis

shutterstock_1828755-copyOrganisations concerned with providing protection from accidental, intentional or terrorism related threats can take advantage from HazRes ’ specialist structural design and analysis skills, research and design capabilities and practical construction experience.

Dynamic analyses range from simplified methods based on semi-empirical pressure-impulse relationships, to intermediate methods involving single and multiple degree-of-freedom analyses of each critical component, to high fidelity dynamic finite element analyses (FEA) models with either a fluid-structure (FSI) or blast-structure interactions (BSI).

Previous applications have included the design and analysis of structures protecting against air blast, fragmentation impact and other impulsive loads, blast containment chambers and structural upgrades to existing buildings.

Typical structures include facility control rooms, administration buildings, explosive bays, containment vessels, bunkers, storage magazines, airport terminals, transport infrastructure structures, large government & political buildings (such as embassies & military admin), landmarks, sporting and entertainment venues and buildings adjacent to potential explosions or terrorist targets. Other structures and products include blast resistance walls, windows and doors as well as other building components such as roofs and sacrificial walls etc.

Typical loading conditions include accidental or intentional initiation of high explosives or propellant such as storage magazines or de-militarisation chambers, explosion tests, terrorist threats, unconfined and confined vapour or dust explosion, vapour or dust detonations and weapon effects.

A fundamental understanding has been achieved of how buildings and structures respond under blast loading and their modes of failure by conducting accident investigations, structural explosion testing, and advanced analyses. HazRes offers the following structural services:

  • Construction technique analysis to evaluate performance under blast, fragmentation and other impulsive type load events.
  • Upgrade of construction to resist blast & fragmentation loads
  • Conceptual design of new facilities to determine optimal location and construction requirements while meeting local blast criteria.
  • Design of new buildings to resist the effects of close-in explosions.
  • Design of “Enhanced-Conventional” construction to resist moderate blast loads from nearby explosions or far-field blast loads.
  • Upgrade of existing blast resistant buildings to enhance blast capacity depending on nature of threat.
  • Design and evaluation of barricades used to control fragments and ricochet events, and suppress the blast from potential explosions.
  • Counter terrorist structural mitigation techniques for new and existing structures

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