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shutterstock_1027988-copyIn addition to our core service portfolio, HazRes also supplies Project Management (PM) services to help and assist clients who may have limited resources (e.g. personnel, time and budget etc) and/or in-house expertise and experience in such fields as health, safety, environment, energy and quality. HazRes also operates both service contracts and framework agreements internationally, in order for clients to retain HazRes’ specialised expertise and knowledge, budget for costs, reduce their risks and increase their piece of mind.

Our PM services and work agreements are described below and include:

Project Management Services

Project Management, depending on the size, duration and complexity of the project and the level of management interaction can either be managed internally or sub-contracted out to a competent organisation such as HazRes. HazRes has international experience in project management with projects that encompass our core services such as process safety management, safety report implementation, security risk assessments, structural response analysis and upgrade design to mention a few. HazRes also provides project management services which encompass manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment and processes as well as maintenance and inspection with respect to health, safety, environment, energy and quality.

Management of Client Sub-Contractors

The permanent use of sub-contractors started when there was a financial advantage to contract a self-employed person in comparison to costs associated to employing that person as a member of staff. The advantage for employing sub-contractors has diminished significantly. This is mainly due to two reasons. The first is that due to changes in the law, which has increased the costs to the company employing a permanent contractor. The second is an issue of competency of the employed contractors themselves.

HazRes has experience in managing and assessing the requirements for client’s sub-contractors, as well as conducting financial benefit analysis and competency assessment programs to ensure our clients are getting what they are paying for. If you have external sub-contractors and you want to know if there is a better way of retaining expertise and reducing costs in your business, please contact one of HazRes’ consultants for an informal discussion of how we may assist you.

Outsource Management

Outsourcing of work, manufacturing, maintenance and other services has been conducted through sub-contractors for a number of decades now here in the UK. Recently over the last decade, the UK, Europe and the USA have seen outsourcing of work to countries such as, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, China and India for example. Although there are some initial financial advantages to outsourcing some kinds of work to these countries, there are a number of painful disadvantages such as relaxed patent laws, moonlighting, communication problems either by language or culture.

HazRes has experience in outsource management in a number of countries, and has provided advice and support to clients in order to help them develop their businesses overseas and outsource successfully as well as guide them clear of the obvious and obscured pitfalls.

Procurement Management

Through our extensive network of connections, HazRes can assist your organisation in its procurement responsibilities and requirements. HazRes has been contracted to procure products, equipment and services for several different clients in many diverse sectors, which may or may not have synergy with HazRes’ core services. The value and size of the procurement can range significantly as well as the country, organisation and circumstance of the procurement.

If you would like to informally discuss with one of our consultants, your procurement requirements, we would be happy to assist your enquiry and provide you with a proposal for our services.

Service Contracts and Framework Agreements

A Service Contract is a contract to supply services and is arranged to ensure that a regular piece of work is carried out such as maintenance, inspection; calibration and testing of a piece of equipment or part of a larger process. This gives the client not only a cost effective solution and piece of mind, but also allows their personnel to concentrate on core business issues.

A Framework Agreement is an agreement to provide a set of services in a particular area for a client. This does not have to be a regular piece of work such as a Health Check on a piece of plant or a Security Vulnerability Analysis, but can be if required routinely either at the same plant or at different plants throughout a national or multinational organisation. Fee rates for framework agreements vary depending on a number of criteria, including but not limited to the work to be carried out, retainer value, estimated annual contracted value and exclusivity.

HazRes has extensive knowledge and experience with both advising and implementing service contracts and framework agreements in both HazRes core competencies and synergy areas. Please feel free to contact one of HazRes’ consultants to discuss your service contract or/and framework agreement needs.

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