shutterstock_2159776-copyHazRes has made the conscious decision not to undertake both certification and testing. It believes that this policy contains an inherent conflict of interest. So it can offer to clients and more importantly to the marketplace an unbiased and rigorous approach to testing that will serve industry and the public well.

HazRes also ensures that all clients are aware that whilst components of a production line or piece of equipment may have been certified to ATEX standards, this cannot imply that the equipment as a whole reaches the same standards.

The basis to provide a truly accurate hazard prevention solution, is through comprehensive testing and scientific analysis. HazRes’ extensive and technologically advanced testing facilities allow us to verify the results of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and structural analysis predictions, as well as providing state-of-the-art R and D services. Additionally, HazRes’ consultants’ considerable experience with scientific experimental techniques and the latest instrumentation gives us unique testing abilities in the field of explosion and shock wave physics.

The extensive internal and external testing facilities available to HazRes offer a comprehensive and diverse range of testing abilities. Our facilities include:

  • An internal laboratory for consultation testing associated with small scale fundamental combustion, explosion and shock studies.
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition to measure high speed energetic events such as temperature, pressure, velocity, displacement and material response with data capture speeds up to 10 million per second.
  • Small diameter research apparatus to investigate energetic reactions including flames and flame acceleration, detonations and shock waves whilst varying physical parameters.
  • Large scale testing apparatus including pipelines of various internal diameters up to 18 inches, explosion chambers and heated apparatus to investigate gas explosion phenomena on larger industrial scales.
  • Specialist equipment for in-situ performance, operating and forensic testing.
  • An extensive database of over 35 years of previous R and D work.

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