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shutterstock_725201-copyHazRes undertakes its own Research and Development (R&D) as well as undertaking both client sponsored research or co-operative research for a group of like-minded clients in the form of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) research programs.

HazRes’ consultants are experienced in organising and performing joint industry research programs such as JIPs. This enables a group of clients to share and use the results of such program, without the full cost of conducting the R&D work which is shared across the interested parties.

The fields that HazRes specialise within and the needs of our clients are constantly changing and evolving through unsolved requirements, problems areas and/or increasing regulations and standards. New knowledge is generated constantly at HazRes through our work that we conduct for both clients and ourselves.

HazRes undertakes its own short and long term R&D and product development in order to bring new products and services to the marketplace. HazRes also has a track record of sponsoring PhD studies for the purpose of undertaking fundamental research in its areas of business whereby the student uses HazRes library, CFD and laboratory and test facilities in order to conduct their studies.

Our consultants, who have conducted many R&D projects for different clients and multi-sponsor research projects, have full access to HazRes’ information resources and library, testing facilities and modelling and analytical methodologies including our computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation software.

HazRes has its own specialised library (which is both paper and electronically based), that not only includes a vast amount of specialised public information relating to our core competencies, but it also includes much unpublished and propriety research that has been conducted over the years which has been invaluable to accurately solving clients problems.

Our consultants have full access to our own advanced experimental test facilities at various scales and are described in more detail on this website. HazRes has conducted numerous R&D testing programs at these facilities at different scales for both clients wanting to understand explosion or structural processes or wanting to create and develop their product ranges and gain certification against international standards. HazRes also use these experimental test facilities for our own internally funded R&D programs.

HazRes operates a number of modelling and software analytical tools for R&D and consultancy purposes which give our consultants the ability to model a range of scenarios including, but not limited to, rapid energy release scenarios, dispersion of flammable and toxic gases, model the reaction of different structures and to investigate blast wave load generation using CFD analysis. HazRes’ consultants and facilities are equipped with the latest computer technology and our computer network runs under a secured reliable system with built in redundancy over multiple sites. Our facilities are equipped with high speed internet broadband (i.e. 10MB both ways) connections to aid communications internationally.

As you can from above, it is important to HazRes that we have active R&D programs in order to be at the forefront of knowledge with regards to our core competencies and that of our clients

If you require a confidential discussion relating to your R&D program or how you can be a part of or set-up a JIPs, please feel free to contact one of HazRes’ consultants on +44 (0) 845 838 2026 knowing that your inquiry will be treated in the utmost confidence. If you require HazRes to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or any other form of confidentially agreement to continue further dialogue, HazRes would be happy to do so, once it has been approved be HazRes’ legal counsel.

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