Modelling and Analytical Tools

shutterstock_710373-copyHazRes has a number of modelling and analytical tools that it uses for both R&D and consultancy purposes that give our consultants the ability to model a range of scenarios including, but not limited to, the following:

Rapid energy release scenarios such as;

  • Vented and non-Vented Vapour Cloud Explosions and Detonation
  • Confined and Unconfined Explosions
  • High Explosive (e.g. TNT)
  • Bursting Pressure Vessels Explosions
  • Rapid Phase Transition Explosions etc
  • Dispersion of flammable and toxic gases
  • Reaction of structures to different loading scenarios
  • Blast wave interaction with different structures
  • Fluid-Structure interactions
  • Thermal effects from jet, pool and flash fires.

Implicit and Explicit Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays a key role in the services provided by HazRes relating to both R&D programs and consequence analysis. However, it is aware that CFD has its limitations and is not capable of supplying all the finite answers that many situations will require.

In order to model both Fluid-Structure (FSI) and Blast-Structure Interactions (BSI), HazRes uses a number of predictive tools depending on the complexity of the problem and the client’s requirements. These can range from simple single degree of freedom models up to coupled Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models, which have the ability to couple with CFD models.

As well as using marketplace codes, HazRes has its own propriety codes. These codes are used in the development of new products as well as in simulating the operating conditions and potential scenarios at client’s sites. The combination of the above modelling and analytical tools in conjunction with our consultants knowledge and expertises can provide HazRes’ clients with the most adaptive modelling solution for their needs.

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