shutterstock_191908-copyThe culmination of the Innovation Process may result in local or even near-continental production but the owners of the innovation may not have the resources or the strategy to exploit this new product/process world-wide. Thus it may wish to exploit this IPR by either Licensing or Joint-Ventures. The global branding and trade marking of a new product/process mat also be of vital importance.

HazRes has personnel who have international experience in establishing joint venture companies and in licensing new technology.

HazRes can advise and mentor clients on:

  • IPR Protection
  • Identification of Relevant Patent & Trade Mark Agents
  • Utilisation of Licensing Agents
  • Location & Suitability of Joint Venture Partners
  • Managing Joint Venture Operations

If you need advice on Licensing your products, please feel free to contact one of HazRes’ consultants on +44 (0) 845 838 2026 for more information.

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