Insurance Risk Engineering

shutterstock_2125271-copyInsurance companies are always concerned with the impact of any incident on a facility or location leading to compensation, material damage, asset loss and from the effects of business interruption and continuation.

These incidents, whether human, natural, accidental or intentional occur worldwide. They happen on different scales, such as a chemical incident, a tsunami or hurricane or a terrorism attack, and there is always the unforeseen and many occur without warning.

In recent years with large human and natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the insurance industry as a whole has taken a large hit with regards to profit.

“Reduce Risk, Increase Profitability” is the ideal of risk managers and all levels of organisation managers. HazRes’ consultants have expertise in identifying insurance risk potentials and providing credible, cost effective, pre-event mitigation measures to assist companies in meeting their objectives.

The following are some of HazRes’ Insurance Risk Engineering services that we supply.

  • Loss Estimation (quantification) Studies
  • Business Interruption, Business Continuation Management and
  • Interdependency Studies
  • Contingent Business Interruption Explosion Studies.
  • Risk Analysis Studies & Survey
  • Third Party Liability Evaluations
  • Property Loss Prevention Surveys
  • Loss Investigations & Litigation Support
  • Design Review

As HazRes’ consultants are not directly associated with any insurance brokers, agents or underwriters we can provide a reliable and independent assessment of your risks.

The experience and knowledge of HazRes’ consultants in combination with our advanced tools and assessment techniques enables us to provide our clients with practical solutions to manage and control their risks while satisfying underwriters.

HazRes helps clients obtain the appropriate levels of insurance and mitigate high premiums associated with known and/or un-quantified risks.

HazRes can also provide our Insurance Risk Engineering services to Insurance Organisations that need the fundamental estimation of the risk and consequential loss if an event occurred in order to establish insurance limits to property damage and business interruption.

Please feel free to contact one of HazRes’ consultants on +44 (0) 845 838 2026 to discuss how HazRes can help you through our Insurance Risk Engineering services meet your objectives either as an insured or insuring body.

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